Bees are some of the most helpful insects to humans. The Honey Bee variation is well-known for providing the sweet and nutritious honey. It is considered one of the most widely consumed natural food product to date. Honey is also helpful as a natural remedy to treat many diseases. Bees also help pollinate a wide variety of plants that we humans consume on a daily basis. Almonds, apples, plums, and asparagus are plants that heavily rely on pollination. Experts say that bees are responsible for one of every three bites that we eat today. This is why it si important to protect bees from extinction if you want to continue eating healthy plant-based foods in the long run.

Insects are usually regarded as gross and useless. Hence, many people prefer to call a pest control professional to clean them out. But there are many insects that are useful to humans since they play an important part in ecological balance. There are many insects that act as plant and soil cultivators while most of them become prey to other animals. Here are 3 insects that aid our survival either directly or indirectly. Hence, you should try not to kill these insects. They also contribute to the natural ecological balance.

​Ladybugs are considered favorite insects of every gardener out there. Ladybugs are primary predators of plant lice or aphids. In fact, the ladybug preys on many other insects that destroy crops such as spider mites and mealy bugs. These insects search for food from dusk till dawn. Hence, they are considered active predators which can wipe away a huge number of their prey in a given area within a very limited timeframe. This helps the crops grow well without any hindrances. The ladybug is also drawn to bright flowers which contribute to their pollination. This is why you should not destroy the ladybug population in your garden.

Spiders are considered nature’s version of pest control. In fact, they mostly prey on insects that are smaller than them. There are only a handful of species that pose a threat to humans. They keep the other bugs in check to maintain the required ecological balance out there. That is why it is important to avoid killing these insects. This read offers information on three insects that we should try not to kill due to their usefulness to humans.

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