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    Tenants Preparation for German Roaches

    Tenant needs to have kitchen and bathroom cabinets emptied. Move pantry items away from the areas we will be spraying. Roaches are a process to get rid of, so more than one spray will be needed. We treat them monthly till they are gone. Empty cabinets each time we are scheduled to come to your apartment for best results.
    German roaches will disappear slowly during the monthly treatments. This is due to their strong immune system, and the fact that they nest inside the walls, beyond reach of our spray.   ​​
    Cockroaches are a common issue in Texas. When they are in your home, especially in areas where food preparation takes place, it is time to call for help. In restaurants or commerical properties where there is food service, or care for people or animals, having a preventative plan and maintenance treatment plan is essential. Prevention not only saves money in the long run, but it is most important for the avoiding health issues with the public or people being served. ​