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    Flea Treatments and Pest Control

    ​Tenants Preparation For Fleas

    Tenant needs to have everything off floors. We will be treating the entire floor. Tenant needs to wash sheets in hot water and mattress exposed so we can treat them.
    Tenant needs furniture to be free of clothes and toys.  Tenant needs to vacuum or sweep floors every other day. Tenant needs to wait 2 hours before entry.
    We will retreat in 3 weeks if necessary.
     Fleas are a threat to not only pets, but also you and your family.  There are several health issues your cats and dogs can have due to fleas, not just skin problems.  Humans can have allergic flea bite issues with their skin.  Fleas can quickly multiply.  If you suspect you have fleas and need help before they get out of hand, call us today. The sooner your living space is treated, the sooner they will go away.