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    Indoor Pest Control Tyler Tx

    The pest control industry is part and parcel of our family. Our company has been committed to quality, safety, honesty, and sincere customer service for many years. We pride ourselves in having a motivated and highly trained team that is committed to providing quality pest control services to our clients in Tyler, TX. We are a family owned company that has treated many homes and business premises in Texas. Our company adheres to professionalism and values honesty, integrity, and continuous improvement, which translates to quality services.

    We provide our clients with affordable pest control services including rodent removal and bed bugs extermination. In addition, we have a strict hiring policy that enables us to hire only the best pest control experts in Texas. Our pest control specialists go through random drug screening to ensure that our clients only work with the best. In addition, their backgrounds are screened before we hire them to provide pest control services.

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    Commercial and Residential Pest Control Services

    No job is too big or small for us. We work hard to give our clients quality pest control services. We also pride ourselves in coming up with the most effective solutions for different situations with expertise, care, and a spirit of teamwork. Our team is proudly accountable to our clients by providing results, honoring commitments, and going out of their way to provide the kind of pest control services that residents of Tyler, TX have come to expect from us.

    Our company offers safe and effective pest control solutions. We strive to be the champions of our environment by ensuring that we have as less impact on the environment as possible. Our highly trained experts usually solve most pest problems using natural means and apply their expertise as qualified exterminators to treat even the most difficult pest problems.

    We do not simply rest on our laurels; we encourage our skilled and experienced pest control experts to enroll for various internal and external training programs to keep abreast with the latest indoor pest control techniques and products. In addition, we provide customized pest control services to cater to the specific needs of our clients.

    As champions of the environment, our company values innovative indoor pest control solutions through modern products and protocol to serve our clients better. All our staff members are moving forward in the ever-changing industry by learning the latest applications and techniques to meet our customers’ needs.

    All our services are customized to meet all of your general pest control needs. Our company deals with pest control problems on properties of all sizes and shapes, whether it is outdoors or indoors. We have modern and effective tools to deal with all of your pest control and management issues. Our company is reputable, having serviced numerous residential and commercial premises in Texas.

    Tips for Effective Indoor Pest Control

    Pests can be a real problem for most homeowners. However, there are several steps you can take to deal with most of the common indoor pest control problems

    1.    Clean Up Leftover Food

    Do not leave food uncovered or in unsealed containers because rodents, bugs, and other pests normally gather around uncovered food. Ensure that you have put any scraps, crumbs, or leftover food in the trash bin. In addition, remove the trash on a regular basis.

     2.    Uncovered Pet Food

    Put away your pets’ food at night. Pests do not only love human food but also pet food. Minimize the risk of attracting annoying pests by storing cat and dog food away after dark.

     3.    Standing Water

    Clear stagnant water in your home. Apart from food, pests require water to survive. Ensure that stagnant water outside your home is drained or swept away. Whether in the sink, cups, or other places do not leave stagnant water indoors where it could attract pests. It is also important to fix leaky plumbing.

     4.    Pests and Hair Products

    Kill all insects using hairspray. You can easily kill bugs by hitting them with blasts of hairspray. However, be careful when using hairspray near fire sources because they are highly flammable. Hairspray is highly effective against most if not all flying insects.

     5.    Seal Any Cracks in Your Foundation

    Block and seal all hiding places and entry spots. Most pests and rodents like to hide in tiny crevices and other holes found in houses. Seal areas such as cracks in baseboards with caulk to keep away pests from invading your home.

     6.    Window Screens

    Secure your doors and windows by installing screens to prevent flying insects from entering your home. Installing window screens will ensure that you enjoy fresh air and still keep annoying pests away.

     7.    Mineral Borax

    Introduce borax. Mineral borax is one of the most effective methods for killing both cockroaches and ants. Use a mixture of sugar and borax powder for ants. Sprinkle the mixture anywhere where ants congregate. The sugar will attract ants while the borax will instantly kill them. Use plain borax for cockroaches.

    8.    Mouse Traps

    Put up rodent traps. Use attractive baits like peanut butter or cheese on mousetraps. Mousetraps are the best way to deal with rodents who have infested your home.

     9.    Vacuum Your Carpets

    Vacuum your home often. You can eradicate a great deal of small pests like fleas by vacuuming your home thoroughly. Throw away the vacuum bag immediately to prevent the pests from escaping.

    10.    Indoor Insecticide

    Apply insecticides indoors. Although it is not advisable to use insecticides indoors, they are the most effective means of killing pests and other annoying insects. It is important to observe caution when using insecticides at home. Children and pets should be kept away from insecticides. Ensure you follow instructions on the label. In addition, avoid using outdoor insecticides indoors. Consider hiring a pest control expert to apply the insecticide.

    11.    Outdoor Insecticide

    Use insecticide outdoors. Killing pests outside your house will prevent them from accessing the indoors. Apply strong insecticide on the doors, steps, foundation, and other areas close to the house to create an anti-pest perimeter.

    Indoor Pest Control Services

    Our most common indoor pest control treatments involve termite control since most homes in the region we serve are vulnerable to termites. Preventing a termite invasion will not only save you time, but it will also save you significant amounts of money in the long run.