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    Outdoor Pest Control Tyler Tx

    At Rid-X, our highly trained personnel use the latest state-of-the-art technologies combined with our tried and true methods to provide excellent outdoor pest control services to our clients.

    ​We have not lost our dedication to the community even though our business has expanded and our reach has increased to serve Tyler, TX and surrounding counties. Our qualified and trained pest control experts are dedicated to providing quality customer services. In addition, we have been in the pest control business for many years and have acquired the experience to provide our clients with quality outdoor pest control services.

    Our values, mission, and commitment to customer service have remained the same since the inception of our company. We have a strong attachment to the community we live in and focus on serving our community by providing quality services. Our company is successful partly due to the positive work environment that we have established for our staff. We equip our pest control experts with all the tools and knowledge they need to provide quality pest control services to our clients.

    We offer quality pest control services at some of the best rates in the industry. Our knowledgeable customer care representatives will provide a free estimate over the phone. In addition, our pest control experts will carry out a thorough inspection of your residential or commercial premise to develop a customized pest control maintenance plan that will fit the needs of your home or commercial facility. Working with us will guarantee you notable services from experienced and reliable pest control experts who are keen on solving all your pest problems once and for all.

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    Guaranteed Pest Exterminator

    Our company will offer free pest control services in case any of our clients notice additional pest activity in their homes or businesses during the warranty period. We understand that some conventional pest control solutions are only effective for a temporary period, which is why we provide an all-effective solution for getting rid of pest population. In addition, we provide our customers with personalized pest control treatment solutions according to the unique concerns of their homes or businesses. Our offices are always open and are accessible to our clients throughout the week, including Saturdays. Our company is certified, licensed, insured, and has an A+ rating from many of our clients.

    Personalized Service From a Local Exterminator

    You will know you are being offered personalized service from the moment you pick up your phone to call our office. Unlike other companies that will direct your calls to a call center where you will be put on hold while listening to some call waiting tune or commercial, our company will handle your call with professionalism. When you call us, your call will be taken by a competent and knowledgeable staff member who will provide you with all the information you need regarding our services. We will listen carefully to your needs before recommending solutions. Thereafter, we will send a team of experienced technicians who will look at your property and inspect it thoroughly. Our company focuses on your needs, and when we say we provide personalized pest control and extermination services, we really mean it.

    Your Tyler Exterminator and Termite Inspector

    When you hire our company to provide pest control services, you are guaranteed quality services. Unlike some pest control companies in the region that are only satisfied with making the problem go away once; our company follows up on all applications to ensure that the pest problems do not reoccur. We understand that getting rid of pests is not a simple process. Our knowledgeable technicians will go through your trees and shrubs and other hiding spots around your home to ensure that pests have been completely eliminated from your property.
    We know that pests will use the earliest opportunity to crawl back into your space. Our company deals with pest and fire ant problems differently; we treat the pathways that can become entry points for pests from outside your home. We also take good care of your foundation by treating it thoroughly.

    6 Tips to Maintain Your Tyler Pest Control Services

    Most homeowners depend on indoor pest control plans to get rid of pest invasions in their homes. However, what they do not know is that the underlying trigger of indoor pest control issues is normally the yard and outdoor space within their homes. It can be quite difficult to completely get rid of bugs or insects. A pest control problem means that pest have gained access into your home in large numbers. Fortunately, here are some tips for outdoor pest control. 

        1. Maintain your lawn

    Tall grasses often harbor many pests. Therefore, make sure that your grass is always cut short. Get rid of dead foliage, fallen leaves, and other lawn debris from your lawn because they create breeding places for insects and bugs. Cut your bushes, trim your shrubs, and do away with unwanted plants growing on or around your home.

        2. Get rid of standing water.

    Remember, pools of water in your yard can also attract insects. Therefore, it is important to keep the moisture level down around your home, which is an important pest prevention strategy. Water your lawn earlier in the day to allow enough time to dry. Standing water also acts as perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Our company uses an effective mosquito misting system to deal with mosquitoes surrounding your home.

        3. Keep gutters clean.

    One of the most important components of outdoor pest control is to keep your gutter clean because clogged gutters can create pools of water around the foundation of your house. They can also create perfect breeding grounds for pests and bugs.

    ​     4. Eliminate food sources.

    Pests, especially ants, will go where food can be found. Insects will eventually find their way inside once they have found food sources inside and near your home. Keep such insects away by removing any food sources outside your house. 

        5. Keep pest attractors away from the house.

    Most pests are often attracted to items in the yard including compost or woodpiles. Prevent pest infestation by putting such features at least 25 feet away from your home.

        6. Be careful with mulch.

    Many homeowners mulch around landscape features and flowerbeds. This is one of the most common methods of reducing weed growth. However, this method also attracts pests into your yard. If you want to keep away pests, mulch sparingly and choose mulch made out of aromatic, insect repelling wood such as cedar.