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    Affordable Pest Control Tyler Tx

    Our company has been offering the Best Pest Control services since its establishment several years ago. We offer residential, commercial, and industrial pest control services.

    We provide long-term solutions to pest problems since we use the best tools and techniques.

    We control all pests; ants, rats, mice, rodents, spiders, cockroaches, wasps, yellow jackets, fleas, bedbugs and termites.

    ​ There are many reasons as to why you should us over our competitors.

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    No Contract Obligation

    We try to make our services as simple and easy as possible. Therefore, we do not make our customers enter into a contract with the company that later can lead to complications and extra charges. We offer you the best services for a one-time payment, but you can call us at any time to help you with any pest problems that might come up later.

    Our team only includes fully licensed and insured technicians with several years of experience

    Our exterminators have been well trained and licensed to carry out pest control services. Therefore, you can count on us to provide you with the best services without any doubt. The technicians understand the process very well and they make no mistakes. They are trained regularly to make sure that they are up to date with the latest techniques.

    The employees also have several years of experience. Therefore, you can be assured that it will not be the first time they will be handling a pest infestation case like yours. With this experience, they control the problem within a short period of time without any difficulties or complications.

    Honest, Expert Service from a Reliable Company

    Pest control is not an easy process. You need people who are fully dedicated to carrying out the job no matter how tough it might get. Here at our company, we offer you honest service with the utmost level of expertise. Our main aim is to solve your pest problems as opposed to our competitors who focus on making as much money as possible.

    Free Phone Estimates are Available

    Click any of the buttons on our website to easily call our staff, or dial our phone number. There are no charges that apply, though your cell phone carrier's regular rates still apply to any phone calls made. You can count on us to give free phone estimates with no obligation.

    Customer Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed

    Here at Rid-X, customers come first. Therefore, we do the best we can to satisfy your needs. We have never had incidents of customer complaints. You can reach out to some of our customers whom we are sure will be more than willing to tell you about our high-quality service. We always go the extra mile for our customers. After all, we would expect the same from any other company.
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    Best Pest Exterminator Equipment

    We use the latest and best technology to solve pest problems at your house. The methods we use are the best and have been tested and proved to be highly efficient. We focus on using the best technique to ensure that you will never experience pest problems again in the near future, if not forever.
    Our employees are provided with the proper gear that is required during the pest control process. In case, you are present during the process, we also provide you with protective gear. This, together with ensuring that the residence is only reoccupied when it is safe from chemicals, pests and other harmful substances ensures that you do not suffer from health complications related to our control services.

    Environmentally-Friendly Tyler Pest Control Methods

    When controlling pests, some chemicals that might harm the environment are used. However, we use environment friendly control methods to ensure that we do not harm the environment. We take natural methods into consideration first, before settling for chemicals. Even the chemicals that we use are made in such a way that they do very minimal harm to the environment.

    Affordable Pest Control Specialists

    We provide you with high quality services at a relatively low price. Unlike our competitors, who have fixed standard prices, we charge our prices based on the level of infestation and the amount of work that shall be involved in the control process. This ensures that we only charge reasonable prices for every customer.

    Available at all Times

    We have a large number of exterminators. Therefore, you can be sure to get someone to take care of your problem as soon as you contact. The employees come to you as soon as possible and also strive to solve the problem very fast and give you peace of mind.
    We also provide you with all the necessary information that you need to know about our company.


    Our company complies with all the laws, rules and regulations associated with pest control services.

    ​ We have never had complaints from customers or environment management agencies.


    Our services come with warranties that guarantee you of getting help without any difficulties in case the problem persists.

    There are no extra charges associated with the warranties and the terms and conditions are very simple.

    ​Our pest control services aim at eliminate the problem for good, and therefore if any pests show up within a few weeks after treatment, we are obligated to offer you services free of charge.

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    Our company is committed to eliminating pest problems from your home forever. You can contact us at any time to find out more about the company or get exterminators to control pests at your residence.