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    ​Why Use Our Termite Pest Control Services

    At Rid-X, we use modern equipment to detect and get rid of termite infestation.  ​ Our pest control technicians have the knowledge and training required to identify the source of a termite infestation and provide effective solutions.

    When you call us for specialized termite treatment, you can rest assured that we will provide quality services.

    ​Beyond our termite control services, our clients count on us for effective customer service and appointment scheduling.

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    Best Termite Control

    We have varied termite treatment options for condominiums, apartments, single or multi-family houses. We also do termite control for schools, hotels, offices, and other business premises. Our experienced pest control experts will assess your home or business premise then provide appropriate recommendations depending on the pest control services you require.

    ​We always tailor our pest control services to your needs; whether you need one time or year round services, we have got you covered. As soon as you report your termite problem to us, our professional exterminators will come to your business or home to attend to your problem.

    Our pest control experts are local to Tyler, TX and know the quickest routes to various destinations. They will arrive at your home on time and in name-tagged uniforms. In addition, they will conduct themselves in a professional manner, listen carefully to your needs, provide the required pest control services, and leave your home as clean as they found it (and pest free!)

    Our Tyler Exterminators Specialize in Termite Pest Control

    Our Exterminators are licensed, insured, and dedicated to help you deal with your termite problems. In addition, we encourage our pest control personnel to attend various internal and external training programs to keep abreast of the latest termite control techniques.

    ​Our experienced staff members are committed to ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We promise our clients quality services and peace of mind. We also have special offers that will help you save significant amounts of money on termite control.

    Guaranteed Termite Removal

    We use effective termite eradication treatment options to prevent the recurrence of termites in your home or business. Our termite treatment solutions are available in liquid and powder forms. These chemicals will help get rid of entire termite colonies. Our professionals will also inject the termite treatment in the soil surrounding your home to provide a lasting termite eradication solution. For the best results, do not disturb the soil throughout the treatment period.

    We Provide Free Quotes

    We offer you on-site consultation and recommendation for the termite eradication solution you need at no costs. Our services do not come with hidden costs and charges. What we write on the quotation is what you will pay. 

    We Are Responsible, Reliable, and Certified

    We are members of the National Pest Management Association. Therefore, our technical work, training, and technicians are credible and of the highest standards. Our team is professional, experienced, and will provide customized termite control solutions

    Why Worry About Termites?

    Termites can cause significant structural and property damage which is one of the reasons why a termite inspection is a basic requirement when buying or selling a house. Termite invasion can affect your peace of mind and could be eating away at the home you invested so much in.

    Termites Infestation during Spring

    During Spring, the warming temperatures and rainfall make Swarmers, a type of termites, to emerge in homes. Swarmers come from colonies in the soil and infest homes. However, Swarmers often do not eat wood and rarely survive for a prolonged period.

    Treating Terminate Infestation Yourself

    Dealing with a termite problem requires special skills and equipment. Termite treatments are a job best left to trained professionals.

    Choosing a Termite Control Company

    It is important to work with a termite control company that has been registered in your state or by the Department of Agriculture. In addition, find out if the company is a member of the National Pest Management Association or State pest control associations.
    Termite control companies have different treatment options and warranties. Consider working with a company that provides a warranty for its services. In addition, hire a termite control company that is certified and insured. However, some termite control companies may not provide a warranty if structural features such as drainage systems, spaces or wells made treatment impossible according to the standards.
    Take time to choose a termite control company. Choose a company that is experienced in termite control.

    Deciding on the Most Effective Treatment Methods and Products

    There are two main termite treatment options: baits and liquid. Liquid termite treatments applied on the soil provide a lasting solution and create a barrier that prevents termite infestation. However, you may use non-repellent termite treatment products to get rid of a termite infestation that occurred the first time. Most repellent and non-repellent termiticides are effective.
    ​Baiting treatment involves use of cardboard, palatable food, paper, and other substances to kill the termites. Baits can be placed below the ground or indoors. Baiting is a complex termite treatment option that should be undertaken by a professional.

    Do We Treat The Spot Of Infestation Or The Whole Home, Building, Or Structure?

    Treating only affected areas is not advisable unless it is a retreatment. Termites may get other entry points on the structure or building, hence avoid doing spot treatment.

    The Treatment Life Span

    Many termite pest control chemical labels indicate that treatment could last for 5 years or more. However, the period the treatment lasts is determined by the termite density, how thorough the application was done, and conditions of the environment.

    Can Termite Control Chemicals Affect People Or Pets?

    Some approved termite control chemicals may have little or no effect on humans, pets, and the environment. If you have concerns about the effects of termiticides on pets or the environment, consider using termite baits.
    Call us today to book an appointment for your pest control emergency services or termite control services. You can trust the professionals at Rid-X to get the job done right.