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Our family owned and operated company  reaches back 5 decades to 1943.

We are experienced pest control experts who provide quality pest control services

to our clients in Tyler, TX and surrounding cities .


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Termite Control

Discover how Rid X Termite and Pest Control can help keep wood-destroying termites out of your East Texas home.


We work with East Texas business owners to pre-treat, or destroy unwanted pests should they invade your commercial property.

Spider Control

Spiders can be troublesome around your property area give us a call today to learn how we can help.

Rodent Control

Rid X offers rodent control service for commercial, and residential homes around East Texas and Tyler.

Free Inspections

We offer free-inspections to all of East Texas residents to develop a strategy for getting RID of unwanted pests.


​It may often be hard to know if you have a pest problem because many of the infestations are hard to detect until they are out of control. Pest invasion is a constant problem for home and business owners in Tyler, TX. A climate that is friendly to humans tends to be as friendly to vermin and pests. Pests such as cockroaches, fire ants, mosquitoes, termites, and bedbugs tend to camp in homes. You can get rid of such pests on your own if you have the know-how. However, it is important to hire a pest control specialist to help in pest elimination.

It is affordable to deal with a pest infestation as soon as it is discovered. If you continue to wait until you see visible damage, the cost of repair becomes more expensive and time-consuming. We understand that finding a good pest control specialist can be difficult and complicated. Rid-X has been providing pest control services to residents of Tyler, TX, and surrounding counties for many years. We have gained the knowledge and experience to provide our clients with quality pest control services. Our firm has gained a reputation for having the best exterminators in the industry. We have dealt with the extermination of more than 200 pest species. Before signing up with us it is important to know why we are the preferred pest control service provider.

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Our family owned and operated company reaches back 5 decades to 1943. We are experienced pest control experts who provide quality pest control services to our clients in Tyler, TX and surrounding cities . We take pride in a job well done and no pest control problem is too big for us.

At Rid-X, we take pest control services very seriously and this can be proven by all of our satisfied customers. We have embraced the use of modern technology and science to find new and innovative ways to protect your home from pests.

We have also formulated effective pest control plans that will address your specific needs. This has made us one of the best pest control companies in Tyler, TX.

Exterminator Tyler TX

We will help you determine how you can prevent various pests from invading your home and how to exterminate the ones that are already there.

Our pest control experts will listen to all of your concerns and keep everything you tell them in confidence. They will assess your property, give you a full description of the extent of the infestation, and provide details about the behavior of the pests as well as available treatment options.

Our pest control specialists will use the most thorough and proven techniques to ensure that all pests have been eradicated.

exterminator tyler tx

We have built a reputation for being a reliable and professional pest control company. Our staff understands the importance of managing a pest infestation early and always makes an effort to be on site as soon as they get a report.

Here at Rid-X we consider each home as unique. Our exterminators will assess your home and will come up with a variety of techniques to get rid of your pest problem.

​This will help to eliminate all the pests and protect your home from future invaders.

We provide free estimates on all our services. In addition, we offer our services at some of the best rates on the market. Our aim is to provide quality services that will completely eradicate pests from your home and restore your life back to normal. ​

Why Choose us


Professional solutions to a variety of common pests


Years of experience and a professional approach to pest control


Safe and effective methods to help bring the relief you need

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Insect Treatments

We offer friendly, residential and commercial pest control services for flies. Rid-X does this by including strategic placement of organic control methods such as fly lights. Our qualified staff works with clients to come up with sanitation programs that fit their businesses or homes. This helps to keep flies away, especially for business premises in the food service industry. Rid-X also provides termite pre-treatment options that can help prevent termite infestation in the future, which may be very expensive to deal with.

We normally roll out our pest control plans when a business or home is in the construction stage and introduce pest control methods such as removing all the debris from the work-site and preventing moisture buildup. These will help ensure that termites and other pests do not get a comfortable hiding place in your business or home for a very long time.

Pest Prevention

Our company believes prevention is the best cure as far as pest control is concerned. Prevention will not only keep pest problems from reoccurring, but it will also ensure that you live in a safe, pest-free environment since it is the best approach to pest control and rodent removal. Rid-X places significant focus on prevention because it results in decreased dependence on chemical treatments to fight pest infestation. This is one of the healthier and greener pest management solutions. Our company offers a wide range of pest control prevention strategies, which often vary depending on the pest involved.

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Eliminating Food and Water Sources

One of the most important pest control strategy is detecting and getting rid of food and water sources. The targeted food sources will vary depending on the problem pest and can include anything from unsecured food in your kitchen to scraps of wood at a worksite.

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Preventative Tyler Pest Control Services

Some customers prefer to prevent infestations before they happen while others call during emergencies. In any case, we have got you covered. Rid-X offers assistance by phone and you can speak with someone even late in the afternoon. You can find solutions to various pest-related problems that you may be facing with our friendly staff by calling Rid X.

​Our exterminators go the extra mile. At Rid-X we want you to have the peace of mind of knowing that your home or business is completely pest-free. Our exterminators are highly qualified and have been licensed by the state pesticide regulatory office. Our professional staff can easily identify the exact pest specimen and come up with the ideal way to extinguish it using the most effective method.

​Good Reputation

​We have been in the business for many years and our record of accomplishment shows how efficient we are in this industry. We get rid of all types of pests a fact that is guaranteed. Our previous clients have been recommending our business to their friends and family members who require our services and we attribute our success partly on our loyal clients. With us you not only get the service done but you get people who actually care about you and your household.

​Licensed Company

​We are up to date with our licenses and our entire staff is certified and trained to handle clients in the best way possible. Our license documents are readily available in case a client would like to confirm. We prefer honoring clients by using licensed and well trained staff to handle their pest problems.

​Advanced Technology

​​We are Members of Texas pest control associations and we are always updating the technology and procedures required to handle pest issues. Being members of registered pest control associations, we are required to provide quality services using current pest control techniques, procedures, and devices. You can be assured of professional and quality services from our staff.

​Customer Satisfaction

Without our clients, we would not be in business and we will for sure not have grown to the business we are today. We value client satisfaction, which is why we ensure they get the best customer service. We do not use aggressive sales techniques to force clients to sign up for services that they do not need. If our clients feel in any way dissatisfied with the services offered by any of our pest control specialists, we will redo their pest control treatment.
Other than our exceptional services, we ensure that each client has a well-trained exterminator who handles their account and teams up with the property owner to formulate a plan on the service needed and treatment frequency.

​No Obligation Phone Estimates

We provide comprehensive evaluation of clients’ pest problems and figure out the cause and extent of the problem. Every situation is unique and we take all factors in consideration so that we can prevent the problem from recurring.

Professional Pest Extermination

Once an inspection has been carried out, we collaborate with the client to create a program that suits his/her specific needs. We provide our clients with effective pest control solutions that are suitable for their specific situations and needs. In addition, we use the latest pest control techniques and products to eliminate the pests in your home or business premise altogether.

​Detail Oriented Service

Every job is undertaken with a great level of care because we pay attention to the details, however small or insignificant. We understand that a pest infestation may render your home unlivable, which is why we provide quality pest control services so that our clients can enjoy living in a pest-free home. In addition, we stand by the quality of our services and are ready to offer re-sprays for regular costomers in case we miss anything. We have been in the pest control business for many years and have acquired the knowledge and skills to provide quality pest control services to our clients in Tyler, TX.

Our company has gained a reputation for providing quality pest control services. Call us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your pest control problem. Whether you have mice, bed bugs or a fire ant infestation, the local exterminators at Rid-X can help solve your problems.

Treatment Options From Your Local Exterminator

Numerous questions usually crop up in a homeowner’s mind when they have a pest invasion. As a homeowner, you may find yourself asking question such as: How did the annoying bugs get in? Will they go away on their own? Can I exterminate the pests myself? Should I call a pest exterminator and which pest service must I get? There is a lot to mull over to make sure you successfully get rid of the bug problem once and for all without breaking the bank.

Rid-X is a successful pest control company that has been serving residents of Tyler, TX for many years. We understand that our clients’ pest control needs vary, which is why we provide a wide range of treatment options to cater to the varying needs of our clients. Due diligence is important as far as pest control is concerned. Unfortunately, getting rid of pests is not a one-time endeavor. It is important to conduct pest control treatment regularly to keep bugs and other pests at bay. The frequency of your pest control treatment is determined by many factors include the severity of your pest problem and your budget among other factors.

How do I decide Pest Control Treatment Frequency?

It is important to consider hiring a professional pest control company such as the Tyler Pest Control at Rid-X to provide regular pest control treatment. We will carefully and thoroughly inspect your property including the attic, yard, and crawl space. You may be surprised by the infestations we discover in different areas of your home. It is important to know that signs of pest infestation may not be visible all the time. We will also provide a report of the extent of the pest problem as well as the recommended treatment options. We help homeowners come up with a treatment schedule that will help keep their homes completely pest-free. You can also call us anytime you have an emergency pest problem and we will quickly come to your place to provide the pest control treatment you need.

How often should I have a Pest Control Treatment done?

The location of your house and the severity of the pest problem will determine the frequency of pest control treatment. If your home is infested by common pests such as German cock-roaches, consider having a monthly service, which will completely keep them away. However, if you live in areas like Tyler, TX that has a serious fire ant problems, consider having a quarterly pest control routine.

Tyler, TX that has a serious fire ant problems, consider having a quarterly pest control routine.
It is imperative to consult your pest control service provider before carrying out any treatment, however, undertaking a general pest control treatment once every six months is recommended. It is important to know that more frequent pest control treatment schedules may be recommended for some places, depending on the severity of the pest control problem in your location.

Monthly Pest Control Treatment

Our pest control experts will carefully inspect every corner of your home for potential pest issues and offer treatment every other month. The expert will ensure that you are completely protected from annoying bugs and other pests. A normal quaterly service generally deals with bugs such as spiders, earwigs, fire ants, crickets, and wasps. Our specialty bug exterminator will also inspect your property for other types of pests. We will carefully listen to your needs and inform you of the available treatment options in case we find pests in your property. Your pest control service provider should successfully control bugs with the monthly service.

Why the monthly and quarterly pest control service?

Pesticides are usually effective for a certain time after distribution. With a monthly service(german cockroaches, bed bugs and fleas), pest control specialists will re-apply the products so that you always have a defense barrier for bugs. All annoying pests in your house will be eliminated and a more effective preventive approach will be taken after the first few services on the bi-monthly pest control plan. During this process, our pest control specialists will keep treating targeted pests areas as well as putting more emphasis on detecting potential pest issues.

Pest problems at this point can be dealt with from the exterior of your property. Another good thing about bi-monthly pest control service is that our pest control specialists will conduct repeat treatments between services. Our pest control specialists will come to your place to eliminate bugs and pests without delay if you spot them on your property between services. They will gladly offer the re-treats at no extra charge. Basically, a bi-monthly pest service will offer you pest control whenever you call for it.

We also offer other temporary solutions such as one-time treatment, which has a guarantee of about 30 days only. Although one time treatment is effective in eliminating pests, their eggs may remain hidden in cracks and crevices. A monthly pest control service may be the best bet if you have a serious pest problem and want to eliminate the pests and their eggs altogether.

What about other pest control options?

Some homeowners may consider buying pesticides and treating their homes on their own. This treatment option is not recommended because of the many health hazards associated with handling pesticides. It is important to hire a pest control professional to provide pest control services because professionals have the knowledge and equipment required to handle pesticides and eliminate pests. Our pest control experts are equipped with all the equipment they need to provide pest control services. In addition, they are licensed and insured to give our clients peace of mind.

Some of the pest control product found in pest control stores may only provide temporary pest control treatment and may not be effective in completely eliminating pests. Our products have been tried and tested. In addition, our pest control specialists know how to use the products in a safe manner that will not harm your pets or children.

Rid-X is a trusted and reliable pest control company in Tyler, TX. Call us today for a free, no obligation quote.

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